Brightheart Farm is a 14-acre farm located right on the boundary of Forsyth and Davidson counties in North Carolina. Our land features a pond, creek, and several acres of woods, which include many different types of trees. The borders of our land connect us to another local farm as well as a suburban development.

Brightheart has been in the Sparks family since the 1960s, and is presently owned by Tyler Sparks, the grandson of Cecil and Evelyn Sparks who bought the property in 1964. The farm has consistently been home to a flock of chickens and half acre kitchen garden. The Sparks’ regularly sold eggs, fruit, and vegetables to their neighbors over the last six decades.

When Tyler bought the farm in 2016, the farm, structures, and garden space had fallen into a state of disrepair. Together with his partner and their friends, a mission to “save the farm” has been slowly realized.

Brightheart Farm, the cooperative, has formed out of this mission. We are now once again home to a flock of chickens and half acre kitchen garden, along with a flock of ducks, a small goat herd, and numerous cats and dogs. With our market garden this year, we hope to begin providing good food for our neighbors once more.


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