Common Values

For us, owning and operating a farm is about more than making a living. It is a way to simplify our way of life, to bring us closer to the Earth and build a solid foundation on the values we share.

Collective Resilience

The world around us is changing rapidly, in unprecedented ways. While our political, media, and economic institutions would have us become increasingly fearful and resentful of one another, we believe in the power of people within communities to connect deeply with each other, share common experiences, and build collective resilience. We believe that community farms have a critical role to play in this process as nurturers and conveners; our decision to create Brightheart Farm is a radical act intended to counter the forces that seek to divide us.

Intellectual Freedom

We place a high value on free thought and free expression, encouraging tolerance of ideas and behaviors that promote well-being. We encourage critical analysis of tradition and cultural norms in pursuit of self-development. We encourage the pursuit of creativity and self-expression, both individually and through collaboration, as a means to connect with and nurture ourselves and our community.


We are a young farm starting out on a path toward self-reliance.  We seek to produce abundant food to feed ourselves, our animals, and our community.  We aim to be in control of the infrastructure that sustains our needs.

Ecological Stewardship

Through our land management, farming practices, and intentional day-to-day choices, we aim to nurture and promote the overall wellness of our environment. We believe that each of us is deeply connected to Mother Earth and our continued human existence depends on loving, protecting, and respecting her.

Economic Justice

We acknowledge our role as a small community business functioning within a broader capitalist system. We believe this system is dependent on the extraction of natural resources and the exploitation of working peoples. We acknowledge that we cannot exist apart from this system or the harm it inflicts; however, we strive to make decisions whose economic impacts will affect us, our customers, and our community from a perspective of equity, peace, and kindness.


We strive to contribute to our community by utilizing and sharing our resources in creative and sustainable ways. By producing good food and hosting inclusive social activities, we seek to increase community connections to the land and to each other, creating experiences that highlight our shared humanity and connect us in deep, authentic, enduring ways. We believe that a deeply connected and humanized community can be a powerful force for good in the world.

Mindful Wellness

We encourage self-awareness and promote healthy lifestyle practices; recognizing that each of us is better able to serve others when living a life that is wellness-positive.  We aim to nourish our bodies with good food, movement, and exercise.  We promote creativity and mindfulness through learning, meditation, music, dance, visual art and poetry.


We celebrate diversity in people and ideas. Diversity allows us to approach old challenges with new insight and perspectives; this makes our community more resilient. We believe there is much to be learned by taking the time to understand our differences, and much to be gained by learning how to embrace those differences and work together. We are committed to promoting diversity through shared understanding and the pursuit of common ground.