Ruminations on Spring Planting

This weekend, after months of meeting and planning, we finally started planting our spring garden at Brightheart Farm. Though the experience was meditative, from time to time I found myself contemplating the distinct possibility of another big freeze this week. My hopes are with the spring, yet in my mind I had to subdue my uncertainty with belief. Belief in the resilience of the plants. Belief in the capability of my fellow member-owners. And most of all, belief in the Earth that provides.

The process was reminiscent of my day to day experiences nurturing children as an educator. When you’re placing your hands on the shoulders of an angry third grader to talk him down after he threatens to beat up a girl on the playground, you can’t help but wonder if the storms of life will break him one day-but that doesn’t mean you should give up on him. When you’re cleaning up a bloody nose, looking for a kid’s lost glasses on the playground, and redirecting students around the slide somebody peed on, it’s easy to throw your hands up in resignation to the chaos.

What I’m learning, though, is that those moments of vulnerability, stressful though they may be, help us develop coping strategies in a world that has proven it will consistently challenge us. Even with no guarantee that everything will work out how I might want it to, I still believe that taking the time to care will make a difference. Who knows? Maybe the spinach that makes it through that last winter freeze will become more nutrient dense for its hardiness. So when I pat down the dirt around a young plant, much like when I place my hand on a child’s shoulder, I set the intention for their thriving.

Precious stones,
Help these young ones build the strength that they’ll need.
Help them be good.
Help them be sweet.
Bring them water, food and light
To thrive in the day
And rest through the night.
Let these young ones know they’re loved
From within, from around,
From below, from above.

This planting season is made possible by contributions to our ongoing GoFundMe fundraiser campaign. Check out how happy (and tired) working on the farm made us in the gallery below!

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